Photo Philippe 2007 copy blogHello,

My name is Philippe Melot and I was almost born on a bike, long time ago. Biking is so important in my life that I have chosen to dedicate this blog to the observations I make through the lens of a biker. When on a bike, the world is different, people are nicer, and your body is full of endorphins that make you happier and smarter. This is why I very often gather observations during my long rides in Europe and the United States and I write them down in the evening. The aim of this blog is to share these observations on people I meet during the rides.

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  1. Michele says:

    Thanks Philippe for bringing this wide lens view to your readers- count me among them. It IS a different view from the saddle of a bike – all senses in gear – your translation is spot on. When driving into work in the morning I listen to the radio – passing the commute somewhere else while idling in traffic. When cycling, the sites, smells, sounds and palpable pulse of a city bring the journey to life.

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