Lafayette we are here!

Paris July 14, 2017

Whether the famous sentence was uttered by  General Pershing himself or by Colonel Stanton or invented by a journalist, does not matter, as it remains a beautiful symbol of the Franco  American friendship and summarizes the two highlights of our common history: the French intervention in the American war of independence in 1781, and the American “doughboys” coming over 150 years later to fight with us and win the decisive battles against the Germans.

Bastille day’s ceremony today was organized around the celebration of the 100 th anniversary of the American intervention in July 1917. French President Macron invited to the celebration the President of the USA as such, and not a particular Donald Trump. Beyond the current quarrels between the two men over  climate change and the Paris agreement ( let’s the planet be great again), it is the imperishable friendship between our two nations that was reminded.

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