Historical treasures 

Vezelay, Burgundy, sunday June 25, 2017

On the curvy little backroads of France, treasures are everywhere. Human activities  have left traces in villages, in fields, in barns, to be seen by those who know how to admire them. Look at these old jalopies in a barn, probably sleeping there since decades, covered with dust and hoping that maybe someone will have them restored them in their original state. They would tell us so many stories of all what they have seen through their tired eyes…

And this basilic in Vezelay, built in 1150 on a hill looking south and dominating the whole region, how many crowds of pilgrims and tourists have seen its roman pillars?Here StBernard preached the second crusade, sending the chistian military aristocracy of the time to Jerusalem to kill the muslims. If he had know that 9 centuries later the  islamists  would use these medieval crusades as a justification for their revenge  and their terrorist attacks!

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