Sic transit gloria naval shipyards

Philadelphia, PA, Wednesday May 10

As they became a nation end of the 18 th century/ early 19 th, the US quickly understood they needed a strong navy to defend their interests. It started with a “quasi war” with France 1798-1800. The French, who had been of such help in the war of independence, were crossed that the US signed a trade agreement with England, France’s archenemy. French ships attacked and plundered American ships. President Adams ordered the construction of battleships, and Philadelphia shipyards started a period of 250 years of intense activity , that peaked in WW2 with the building of USS New Jersey and USS Wisconsin as well as 53 other ships by 40000 people. But in the 60’s Philadelphia naval shipyar’s activity dropped  as a result of foreign competition, reduced needs and outdated technologies, until its closure in 1995. 

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