A French Kennedy?

Philadelphia, PA, Monday May 8, 2017

How will the Americans welcome the election of Emmanuel Macron? No doubt those who hate Donald Trump will be happy. Macron is the opposite of Trump in every respect.

Macron is a French John Kennedy. He is , at 39 , the youngest French President ever. He is centre left in his ideas. He is clearly one of “the best and the brightest ” , having graduated from the best universities Science Po and ENA.He does not come from big money ( both his parents are physcians) but he was a partner at Rotschild’s , the investment banker.His wife  Brigitte is elegant and classy like Jacqueline was. He has beaten flat Marine, the extreme right candidate, a dubious crook like Nixon was. He wants to free the energies in the country and in the economy .What  else to make American liberals -and hopefully conservatives too-happy? Vive l’amitié franco américaine!

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One Response to A French Kennedy?

  1. Congratulations and thanks to the citizens of France for demonstrating once again the importance of reason and understanding!


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