The Graveyard of the Atlantic 

Cape Hatteras, NC, Tuesday May 2nd , 2017

2000. Two thousand. Maybe two thousand five hundred. It is the approximate number of recorded ( since 1526)  shipwrecks along the endless 300 miles long sand beaches of the Outer Banks. Fog, unpredictable currents, darkness,  storms, hurricanes, navigation  errors, shipwreckers , eventually German U boats, led these ships,  their crews  and passengers to their death in the gloomy, spooky, enigmatic , graveyard of the Atlantic,  between Cape Hatteras, Cape Fear and Cape Lookout. Ships often struck the shallow sand reefs at night after harrowing days being driven by capricious winds and seas, not knowing where exactly they were.  Years later remain on the beach wooden and iron squeltons, timber, decaying detritus, often not even associated  with a ship’s name, let alone with the names of the  people that died there. 

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