Ocracoke Island

Ocracoke, NC, Monday May 1st 2017

No, Ocracoke is not a new flavour for a Coca Cola. It is the name of the village – shall we say harbour- situated at the bottom of 0racoke island, one of the islands that close the immense Palmico Sound. If the sailing vessels of the 16 th to 18 th century did not crash on the endless sand islands or  “Outer banks ” that separate the Palmico Sound from the ocean, they would find here a 5 miles wide entrance to get in. In 1524 Verrazano, the famous navigator that gave his name to one of the no less famous bridge in NewYork , could not find the entrance and thought that China lay beyond the Outer banks. Wrong assumption. Beyond is water, miles and miles of shallow water, and beyond is fertile soils, swamps, canals, creeks, rivers, lakes, ponds , roamed by all sorts of maritime animals.Water is everywhere and everywhere wooden houses are built on stilts, to protect them from storm-and -hurricane floodings. Winds are very strong, which is fine for us bikers as long as they are tailwinds!

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