Shackleford Banks, a Rachel Carson heritage

Beaufort, NC, Sunday April 30, 2027

Difficult to find a pristine place untouched by civilization on this earth. In America it is possible , thanks to people like President Theodore Roosevelt, the mastermind of National Parks, and some other environmentalists after him, like Rachel Carson. When she published her famous best seller ” Silent spring ” in 1964, protection of the Environment was not yet a trend. It is today, even if climate change denyers are now sitting at the White House. The Rachel Carson Reserve includes a collection of islands, salt marshes and surrounding water heavily affected by river, tide and inlet dynamics, with some areas becoming waterlogged and soggy with every incoming or outgoing tide. Amazingly , the  pristine island of Shackleford is freely roamed by a herd of some hundred small horses, believed to have been brought here some 400 years ago by english or spanish early settlers. Horses in the wild… just like the  feral mustangs in Nevada and Wyoming. So good to see that we have not yet destroyed and developed all our environment!

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