Observations along the road

Beaufort, NC, Sat April 30th

One of the many advantages of travelling by bike is to see things one would not see in a car, and even less in a plane. America is well known for its gun friendly culture, the violence of its society and of its police. Along the road, one can see big signs for shops selling all sorts of weapons , firearms and ammunition. In petrol stations here in NC ,  a  local paper title ” Busted” displays 10 pages of pictures  of people arrested for crimes and misdemeanors ranging from driving without license to assault with deadly weapon. The paper warns that they are all innocent until proven guilty. Guess the guy who has his mugshot in the paper could have problems with his landlord or employer or wife… guilty until proven innocent? 

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One Response to Observations along the road

  1. Wow, this is the scary side of America that I never see but read about; your eyes on a bicycle see it all in slow motion compared to the bypassing freeway driver.

    Philippe, when I am back we need to have coffee and compare notes on the America you are seeing and the one I saw riding motorcycle on blue highways from Key West to Los Gatos. Guess about 25 years ago. Oh, good grief, time. Proust had his madeline, I have the taste of BBQ pulled pork from an off road Texas gas station surrounded by miles of endless space. Guy had a big steel drum with grill making the best BBQ sandwich I have ever had. Two old wooden picnic tables in a setting of desert, tumbling cactus balls with scent of BBQ wafting through the air is a scene captured in my mind that I can return to as though it were yesterday.

    We have leased our home for two years. We get back May 22nd so I will be in book group September.

    S >

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