America’s first English child

Engelhard, North Carolina, Thursday April 27

Most people believe that the first settlers arrived with Captain Smith at Jamestown in 1609 and with the Mayflower at Plymouth in Massachusetts in 1620. Not true! A first colony was established in 1587 on the small Roanoke island in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, which is the birthplace of the first  English child born in America. However this first colony remains a mistery, as  the 120 settlers did not survive and all traces of them were lost. The whole area between the ocean and the mainland is swampy, muggy, crisscrossed  by rivers and canals, some of clear water, some of brackish water, some of salted water, devastated by hurricanes that tear down the trees and leave behind them only stumps and bushes. As in many places in the US, Indians had been living in those hostile surroundings  for thousands of years and knew how to hunt and feed themselves, whereas the first settlers starved and could survive only with the help of the Indians.

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