I A very small flight but a giant leap for humanity

Corolla, Outer Banks, Wednesday April 26

Today , everything seems natural to us: driving comfortable cars at 80 mph, sitting in a fast train at 250 Km/h, flying from Europe to the US in 8 hours, exchanging pictures on smartphones, reading a blog on a tablet. We just tend to forget  the unfathomable efforts, cleverness, perseverance and the fantastic technology  that made all these things possible. Even our bikes which seem so simple are extremely complex machines, that multiplied by 5 the speed of humans on the ground.

It is on a remote, sandy beach of Kitty Hawk , in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, that the Wright brothers flew for the first time in 1903. It lasted only 12 seconds, and the distance of the flight was less than half a mile, but for the first time a manned, heavier than air machine left the ground by its own power. It was a small flight but a giant leap for humanity : 100 years later millions of people fly safely all over  the globe at very cheap prices , without realizing the complexity of the technology and organization that makes it possible.

Riding on a bike at the speed of a horse is humbling. It shows  us how wonderful science and technology are, that allows us to travel so quickly. And visiting the small area where Wilbur and Orville Wright  flew for the first reminds us that all the great inventions began with the passion and obstination of a few trailblazers

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