Philadelphia, the cradle of American democracy

Merton, Tuesday April 25 ,2017

Last week opened in Philadelphia a brand new museum of the American Revolution, in the historical area , right next to Independence Hall . This is were it all started, when a group of enlightened guys discussed during a hot summer the draft of the Declaration of Independence , starting an 8 years war against the British Empire that ended with treaty of Paris and the indépendance of the United States… not so United, as the bloody civil war  between the southern states and the northern states would demonstrate a century later. Every country needs a symbol to showcase it unity: we French have Marianne, Joan of Arc, de Gaulle. Americans have one big hero: George Washington, a warrior, a president, an icon. Here is his best sculpted bust ever. And the museum keeps his tent. Incedible: a camping military tent, made of a rough material of the time, survived across more than 3 centuries through the hazardous events and owners and was kept preserved for the generations to come in its original state!

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