American election seen from France

Brittany, nov 15 2017

The only way to add anything original to the mountains of comments in the international media after the Donald Trump election, is to chuckle and wink my eye , thinking of what mainstream American media said about our French presidents in recent years .

Remember when Sarkozy became President, was immediately after dumped by his second wife Cecilia, and shortly thereafter married Carla Bruni, a gorgeous international model and singer? It was the time when,  in the US , Mitt Romney was running for presidency. Mitt Romney , the candidate epitomizing the perfect american faithful husband married to his college sweetheart , 3 kids , a dog, two cars on the driveway in front of the large suburban house, a good job a thick bank account and church every Sunday. The American Dream. How many articles in the American press mocking French well known womanizing traditions, loose morality and respect of the wedlock?  Few years later, Francois Hollande , never married but father of 4 , struts in front of the camera at the Élysée palace with his mistress Valerie Trierweiler, whom he fires shortly thereafter in favor of a well know movie star,  Julie Gayet. Paparazzi shoot him riding a scooter as he leaves the Élysée Palace incognito,  heading for a tryst with Julie, and the pictures get viral around the world. At this time,   Barack and Michele Obama with their two daughters offer the image of the perfect American family, TLC across the board and no no dalliances . Too bad for the Frenchies , riddled with their sexmaniac presidents , their DSK scandal at the Sofitel Manhattan, their deep rooted reputation of looseness regarding sex and marriage. 

But now with the glitzy Donald Trump at the White House and probably the grey and super serious Alain Juppé at the Élysée next June, who will call the kettle black? Trump the pussy grabbing locker room bantering mysoginic, twice divorced macho chauvinist pig , with his Slovenia beauty at his side before the international cameras and on the TV screens at diner time of zillions of politically correct American households? Let me chuckle a tiny bit. How many times did I think of sending a letter to the editor when I read patronizing articles in Time magazine, The NY Times, the Wall Street journal etc… about these unfaithful French politicians,  just to remind them of FDR with Lucy Mercer, Eisenhower  with Kay Summersby, JFK with Marylin, Clarence Thomas with Anita Hill, Bill Clinton with  Monika, Eliot Spitzer with call girls, without forgetting my hero Thomas Jefferson with Sally Hemmings as early as the late 1790s… 

At least there will be some pleasant time for us Frenchmen reading the papers when the overwhelmingly liberal American press will rummage in Donald’s, Milania’s  and Ivana’s past and present private lives, leaving no stone unturned to dig up some  bawdy stories of lewd salacious parties in the top floor luxurious suites of the Trump palaces.

 ” Schadenfreude”, is it what you call it in America?  Don’t worry , dear American friends,  we don’t have that word in French…😉😜😂

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3 Responses to American election seen from France

  1. Brilliant, I am still chuckling. You take no prisoners. Now out I go into a world the media says is filled with rage and riots to Home Depot, a refuge from politics.

  2. Excellent post again! But I am obliged to note that Mitt Romney:

    1) Had 5 kids, not 3.

    2) Married his high school, not college, sweetheart, with both of their high schools not the local public schools, but rather private schools for the Michigan elite.

    3) I am sure had far more than one dog (even after one such dog was carried in a box on their car’s roof for a family vacation trip, from which the poor dog became very very sick).

    4) Had far, far, more than just two cars, parked on a driveway. Indeed, as a way to identify with American car workers, Mitt noted that just his wife herself drove a “couple of Caddies” (Cadillacs for those who may not be familiar with American slang).

    5) And indeed, nothing so common as cars parked outside on a driveway. Recall that Mitt had to have a car elevator installed for his La Jolla beach-front property (he said he needed a four-car garage).

    But a “a good job, a thick bank account, and church every Sunday” must certainly be correct.

    The American Dream? Perhaps. But not the reality.


    • Thank you Frank for these precisions. Obviously Mitt Romney with 200 / 250 million dollars on his bank account and a partnership with Baines, is above the average middle class/ upper middle class executive. I should have written: ” a Falcon jet on the Tarmac and a 150 feet long yacht in the Bahamas.”

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