American presidential election seen from a bicycle

Brittany, nov 11 2017


The angle of this blog is  the world seen from the saddle of a bike. How does it apply to a presidential election? Easy: the core principle of riding is balance. The bike moves forward only if it finds its balance and does not fall on one side..Applying this to political life is an interesting exercise. 


Donald Trump election gave rise to a tidal wave, a tsunami of comments around the world. In the US, whether jubilation for  an unexpected smashing victory or gloom and doom for a crushing defeat, people woke up glued to their TV screen and sort of mesmerized. Then came on the democratic side anger, hissy fit, venom, and on the republican side a need to soothen the agressive and hyperbolic bumper sticker tone of the campaign.

Where are we now, a few days after the earthquake? How can we maintain our bicycle straightforward?

Let’s keep a cold head and try to see the positive as well as the negative in a given situation.


First, “vox populi, vox dei”. Democracy is democracy, and Hillary Clinton as well as Obama graciously admitted their defeat. Spitting venom in the press and on FaceBook is no use. Calling for a secession of California is irresponsible, demonstrating in the streets of New York yelling ” this is not our president” is sophomoric.


Now that Mr Trump is elected, what is the next step?  Business as usual. . I read and listen torrents of comments in the media, they all raise questions and they all finish with “‘we will see” . It is so obvious that nobody knows what is going to happen, that all these commentators should go back to their business as usual and wait for 2017 to comment facts when they come rather than bloviate ad nauseum about what could happen. Nobody knows, so let’s be happy and push the pedals to keep the bicycle moving forward !

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3 Responses to American presidential election seen from a bicycle

  1. Well said, Philippe, well said.

  2. Carole Paulus says:

    Thanks for your perspective, Philippe.
    Yesterday Werner Herzog, commenting on the same, said: “Tie your shoelaces well. Keep on walking and shape the future.” Your last sentence strikes a similar tone. Wise words to live by.

  3. Yes, we will see what happens. An optimistic view is that Trump does not in fact do all that he has promised to do. But we, as Americans, chose him (sort of: Hillary Clinton in fact got more votes, but in the US electoral college system that does not determine the winner) and will have to live with the consequences.

    But there will also be consequences for the rest of the world. Importantly, Trump has said he will promote the burning of fossil fuels, especially coal, and this is a promise he will almost certainly keep. And while the resulting global warming will have consequences for the US (more hurricanes and other severe storms, drought in certain regions and more flooding in others, etc.), it will have even greater consequences for citizens of other nations. And they had no role in choosing him.


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