Back to San Francisco

San Francisco may 3rd 2016

All has been said about this city, one of the most famous in the world. However it is changing rapidly. On the downside, too many high rises downtown. Yikes! I hate them. Skyrocketing rents. Good for the owners, bad for the tenants. Gentrification of the inhabitants ( the geeks of Silicon Valley). Sprawling suburbs around the bay area, and too much traffic.

On the positive side, wonderful parks ( Presidio and Golden gate). Less fog due to climate change. Marin County, 30  mns by bike from city center, and a paradise for cycling. Clean streets ( a Parisian speaking, Paris streets are so filthy) and cool drivers ( again compared to Paris).And above all, the ocean right next door. Priceless!

If i had to live anywhere in the US , it would be in SF.

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