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Back to San Francisco

San Francisco may 3rd 2016 All has been said about this city, one of the most famous in the world. However it is changing rapidly. On the downside, too many high rises downtown. Yikes! I hate them. Skyrocketing rents. Good … Continue reading

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America’s Best Idea San Francisco.    Saturday May 1 st 2016. After almost two weeks riding in the area of the Southern Utah National Parks, I would not leave without saying a big, big, “Thank you” . Thank you of course to Mike who organized this ride so well, thank you to Chris who provided the support car ,thank you to Henry whose wit and banter made us laugh all the time.But also Thank you to the American Nation whose ” best idea “was the National parks. This title comes from a famous Ken Burn series currently running on PBS,that tell the story of how the most beautiful places in the country were preserved for everyone’s pleasure, evolving between contradictory tensions: individual rights and the community, local and national, preservation and exploitation, the sacred and the profitable, current generations and future generations.Riding through these parks in Utah, one can only be stunned by the perfect organization that respect the delicate balance between preservation of the sites and access given to millions of visitors. Everyone willing and able to leave the car, can walk between staggering drop offs, climb steep rocky trails, observe pure beauty and silence.These natural treasures have been given since the start of the automobile era to millions of visitors coming from all around the world. So many places in the world as well as in America- take the Niagara Falls- have been destroyed by commercial exploitation, that one can only admire and respect the 58 National Parks of the United States.

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