Seven wives or seven bikes?

Utah is not only the State of grandiose sceneries, but also the Mormon State. They came here in droves at the end of the 19 th century, facing up the hardship of a 2000 miles journey from the East of the US, fleeing religious persecution 

 Everybody knows that in their religion/ philosophy, polygamy was recommended. It was outlawed in1882, but it seems that some of them went on living with several wives, even today, and of course unofficially.

We cyclist prefer having several bikes: less expensive and above all much less trouble

To be serious, this is one of the many contradictions- or wonders- of the American society: it accepts in its womb with great tolerance a number of odd minorities , whose beliefs are sometimes as extreme as the Talibans , regarding the rights of women for example. At the same time Americans wage wars in the Middle East to tip over medieval regimes whose values are as archaic as those of some of the minorities which thrive in the US. A very delicate balance, and a wonder of the American democracy. 

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