Yosemite again

I messed  up with the last post, could not finish it and add pictures. Sorry guys.

I was saying that the hikers we saw are mostlty Americans ( no foreign tourists), Caucasians( no African Americans), well read ( no rednecks). Every sport convenes certain values and attract certain categories of people. Here spirituality, physical effort, respect of nature and the environment. Chatting at happy hour in the camps, we met doctors, lawyers, professors, a State Congresswoman, two retired admirals of the US Navy, a CEO of a silicon valley start up. I would have loved to spend more time with each of them, but my frustration was trade off by the fact that within our group of ten we had ample time to exchange deeply along the trail. 

After canoeing inMinnesota, riding across Iowa and then California, the Yosemite hike was the conclusion of a wonderful, intense and rich American summer. 











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