Hiking in the Yosemite

San Francisco, tuesday Aug 26 201

From the bike to the hike,the difference is in degree rather than in nature. Borh are physically demanding, both are outdoor activities,both create a special link to nature. But hiking in the wilderness of Sierra Nevada, on the eastern border of California, is somewhat special. First because thanks to the National  parks policy led since the end of the 19th centuty, Americans have been able to preserve the authenticity of these areas in a way that most conservationists admire.Second because the majesty of the sceneries  here is among the most impressive in the world. Third because we chose to hike with mules carrying our gear, led by an exceptionnal woman who has led horses and mules for 35 years and knows everything about the Park. We therefore could focus our attention to observing and learning rather than to the blisters  and back pains that a heavy backpack would probably have triggered. 6 hours a day in the wilderness is  a powerful medicine against many futile bruises of our bodies and souls. The camps are also special:frugal comfort,shared dormitories and amenities, total respect of nature. The hikers are mostly retired, well read, Amrricans

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