Lafayette in California

Napa Valley, Aug 1st 2015

No doubt Lafayette would have loved San Francisco, a city of social progress, of ethnic mix, of freedom and enterprise. Who doesn’t love this city and the Bay Area? Proof is that since the gold rush  in 1850, millions and millions of immigrants have been looking for the American Dream in this Nevk of the woods. The result is that the Bay area is today overcrowded. However the bike remains a wonderful way to visit it, and we are riding on very nice backroads with almost no traffic . It was quite an experience to take the BART, the local train that goes from the Silicon Valley to downtown San Francisco: the area were the most advanced technologies of the world are developed, is deserved by a metro whose technology is 70 years old. As often in the US, public investments , in particular trains , are lagging behind. The ferry took us to the north of the bay at a speed that none of our bikes could reach, and after getting lost despite detailed Q sheets and Garmin, we found our way through the Valley on a nice curvy and quite hilly road.  


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