Steve, a fast track from rookie to veteran 

Cedar Falls IA July 17, 2015

Last  spring was a busy riding season thanks to my new riding buddy Steve. The story is worth being told and will inspire every rider who is no longer in his prime. Steve and I met last April at the American library in Paris. Hearing that I was a cyclist, he told me that he was considering visiting France by bike, but had no idea how to do it and no one he knew who could give him any advice. I told him I would happy to do that and share my passion with him. It went pretty fast: a week later he purchased a brand new state of the art Cannondale Synapse, one of the best carbon bike on the market, and off we went training on the track of Longchamps in the Bois de Boulogne. Two weeks later we rode to Normandy for the week end, a 180 Kms ride in the rain and strong headwind, and Steve got bitten by a nasty antiamerican dog😉. Two weeks later we rode from Paris to Brittany , a 550 Kms ride in 3 days. In Mai we decided to visit  the Normandy beaches and then headed to south Brittany. Last but not least we rode end of June  from Castelnaudary near the Pyrennees, to Brittany. All in all we rode some 2000 Kms together. Then Steve participated in la Marmotte, a famous ride in the Alps. He now has more than 3000 Kms on the computer. Three months ago he had never put his butt on a saddle. Steve is 71 , not a spring chicken. Isn’t it that inspiring?  


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One Response to Steve, a fast track from rookie to veteran 

  1. Scott Purser says:

    Great story Philippe! Way to go Steve!

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