Bike Clubs: it is not ( only) about the bike

En  route to Sioux City, iA, July 18 2015

 We all remember the title of the book by our ominous idol of the late 90’s , Lance Armstrong ” it’s not about the bike”. The book was about his cancer and how he won this battle. Unfortunately he did not win the game battle against greed and vanity. On the contrary, Armstrong was the opposite of what most cyclists are: good friends caring for each other. At least this is the spirit of most bike clubs, starting with the ones I belong to: first the VCN in  my home town of Neuilly next to Paris, then Eurocycle with whom we ride every year one week somewhere in Europe, then the Cavaliers de Lafayette , a franco American club promoting friendship between our two nations, and most recently Velaw, a club we started between lawyers, and now the Cedar Valley Cyclists club that we joined to take part in RAGBRAI this coming week. 

All these clubs have in common a wonderful camaraderie, which to me is what biking is about. Of course we love and cherish our bikes. Of course we enjoy the physical exertion, the freedom of the road, the satisfaction of travelling thanks to our own muscles. But there is much more than that:  making friends, meeting new people, sharing the tough efforts, helping each other, laughing or whining together. This is what biking is about.


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One Response to Bike Clubs: it is not ( only) about the bike

  1. Scott Purser says:

    Great picture of the four of you — Jim, Lauri, Philippe and Agnes. . . awesome to see you all together! Scott

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