King’s Mountain, a slaughter between compatriots.

Kings Mountain , SC, Sat Mai 3 rd

Who knows about this battle of the revolutionary war, apart from some specialists of the period? However Jefferson himself said later that it has been a “decisive step” in the march toward the creation of the new nation. To make a long story short, in 1780 the British army intended to March north and conquer North Carolina and Virginia. However the revolutionaries beat them flat in the woods of King’s mountain, in a one hour battle where they savagely killed and caught prisoners more the 700 hundred “loyalist” .
What is remarkable in this battle is that the militia men in rags and tatters did not stand up against regular British soldiers but against their own compatriots , the “loyalist” to the King of England farmers who wanted to remain British. A real civil war, announcing the next terrible one which was to take place some 80 years later. Like in all civil wars , brothers killed each other with utmost ferocity.
On this first day of our Cavaliers de Lafayette spring ride, we rode today through the lovely countryside of North and South Carolina, with rolling hills, prairies and thick forests. Pristine nature, maybe not very different from what it was 250 years ago.
Except that a few miles further down to the south, two huge plants , Michelin tires and BMW automotives reminded us that we are in the 21st century.

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