Can women drive a car?

Pont Aven, Oct 27 th 2014

The question might sound ridiculous, but it is dead serious. Why? Because there are still many people for whom the answer is no. They are mostly to be found in Arab countries, like Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan.
Some women in these countries challenge the medieval religious edicts

: we mentioned in a previous posting the fight led by Afghan women to set up a national female cycling team, despite the fact that female riding bicycles is banned .In Saudi Arabia some women challenge the driving ban … by driving and on and on social media.
Remarquably, at the same time, the World Economic Forum issues it’s 2013 report on the gender gap. The assumption is that competitiveness of counties and companies derives from their ability to attract and retain the best talent, both male and female (
Are we all living on the same planet? Probably not : between the Scandinavian countries (Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden , Danemark) and some Arab or Muslim countries like Yemen , Pakistan, Iran, it is not a gap , it is an abyss.

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