Civil War in Minessota

Richfield, Minneapolis , Aug 20 th 2013

Americans have a way to make the past alive which is amazing for a french visitor: the reenactments.In Williamsburg VA, in Yorktown, in Saratoga, in Gettysburg, in Des Moines ,here in Minneapolis and probably in many other historical places, real people wearing the costumes of the time reenact scenes of everyday life in the past: this is a very didactic and lively way to show visitors, in particular students, how it really was.
With the 150 th anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg, the Civil War, so crucial in the history of the American nation, is being remembered in many places throughout the country. Minnessota is proud to have been the first state to send troops to the Union army, and the historical Museum in St Paul displays a rich collection of pictures and memorabilia, while at Fort Snelling on the Mississipi River dozens of actors reenact the life of the garnison and the early settlers. Another wonderful ride in the past…

20130820-221101.jpg 20130820-221200.jpg

20130820-221237.jpg  20130820-221309.jpg

20130820-221334.jpg  20130820-221359.jpg

20130820-221446.jpg  20130820-221548.jpg


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