Into the Wild

Near Cedar Falls, IA, aug 15, 2013

In America, the past is close and far at the same time.
Close because the conquest of the West is only 150 years old, which is nothing on the history scale of 2000 years AC. Close because every town, every city has its own museum and carefuly keeps pictures and documents about the last two centuries.
But far because the country has changed so much within these few decades! Not always easy to imagine what the countryside was like before the grid of interstates, corn fields, gas station and turnpikes.
But with some imagination and the help of the environmentalist consciousness that started the National Park under Theodore Roosevelt, one can easily revisit the wild country inhabited by Indian tribes. Nature and space are so predominant here that our predatory civilisation have not destroyed them. And the bike is without any doubt the way to travel like cow boys and settlers did!

20130815-150659.jpg  20130815-150712.jpg

20130815-150725.jpg  20130815-150743.jpg

20130815-150805.jpg  20130815-150841.jpg

20130815-150924.jpg  20130815-150945.jpg

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