Portraits of Lafayette riders (3)

Cedar Falls, IA, Aug 13, 2013

A bikers group is made of people from all walks of life, all levels in biking, all ages and sometimes all nationalities. Our cement is the pleasure of the ride and for most of us the pleasure of the group and meeting all sorts of different personalities. This appears in the gallery of portraits of our Lafayette riders.

Werner is the “keeper of the cog”, referring to the Velominati purist riders. These guys are the keepers of a strict etiquette in riding, like: your saddle must match your handlebar duck tape and your helmet, wearing a rearview mirror is an abomination, tubes and pumps belong in your jersey pocket but must in no case hang on your frame, and so on ( see the 70 or so Velominati rules on their web site… Too funny!) Werner is a very serious rider and he rides a beautiful Colnago, the Ferrari of bikes.

Carol’s nickname is ” the shepherd” . Being one of the three organizers of our Hudson Valley ride, she felt responsible for each one of us, and was always anxious to lose one or the other. Knowing that a group of bikers is a herd of cats, it was a tough job! Hopefully she did not get any new gray hair counting the sheep ten times a day and trying to find the missing ones! The fact of the matter is that we did not lose anyone , had no crash, no spill, no injury. Congratulation Carol, you did a great job!

I met Frank on the Coast to Coast in 2010.He joined the Lafayette Riders for the Hudson Valley ride for the first time. Not only he is a very good rider, but the conversation with him is always rich and varied. Frank has a PhD in economy from Stanford University and behind him a long career at the World Bank, which allows him to have insightful views on the economy. His blog called ” an economicsense.com ” is a wonderful source of reflexions and interrogations to better understand today’s challenges. Frank has legs and a brain: his nickname is ” the professor”.

Dominique is a Frenchman whose english is limited, but who makes the better use of the few words he masters. He has decided that every American is an “able”. Where did he find this word? Probably from “able body”. Anyway we could not give him any other nickname than “able body”. It suits him well, as he is very strong and also able to fix any bike breakdown, and does it generously for those of us who can hardly fix a flat tire…

Jerry is a small guy always cool and happy, with a big toothy smile, which is the least as he is a dentist. His nickname is Colgate.

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