In the heart of Norwayland

Decorah,IA, aug 13 ,2013

It is well known that Minnessota, Wisconsin, Iowa were occupied in the first place by German and Scandinavian immigrants in the 1840s and 50s. Here in Decorah, a small town curled at the bottom of a green valley, you’d almost better speak norwegian than english: the whole town looks like a mixture of Norway and America, with the charm of the past and of those small towns where nothing really important happens. The main characteristic of this part of Iowa is that, having been spared by the glaciers which eroded the whole region, it remained hilly. No hills steep enough to scare the fearless riders that we are -:), but enough to remind us that biking is not always coasting gently from one point to the other. Like everywhere in Iowa , there are around Decorah beautiful bike trails that avoid any confrontation with the car or trucks traffic. One more beautiful riding day!

20130813-220347.jpg  20130813-220503.jpg

20130813-220525.jpg  20130813-220553.jpg

20130813-220632.jpg  20130813-220651.jpg

20130813-220801.jpg  20130813-221302.jpg

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