A week end at the lake

Clear Lake, IA, aug 10 th 2013

A century ago, only Sioux and Winnebago indian tribes would hunt and fish in this neck of the woods. Today the lake is a week end and holiday resort for people living in Des Moines and Minneapolis. Like everything here, there is wide space, and even on a busy week end in August, no one would feel any hassle or any kind of pressure. Strikingly for us latin egoistic people, Americans know how to live together, respect each other and organize their common well being and a right balance between individual and common interests. An excellent series by Peter Segal on PBS named ” the Constitution” explains with lively interviews and stories, how the great principles carved in stone in 1787 are implemented in everyday life. The Constitution is everywhere, at every corner of the street, in every farm, on every road, in every shop. This country is a red brick wall whose apparent white cement is the law. It does not mean that there are no cracks and leaks, but it is a big comfortable house, with a green lawn around, a big garage for two cars and a clean large safe street. Suburban America. The American dream. Always criticized, even hated, but always envied.

20130812-032654.jpg 20130812-032733.jpg

20130812-032917.jpg  20130812-032952.jpg

20130812-033034.jpg  20130813-070559.jpg


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