Portraits of Lafayette riders (2)

Cedar Falls, IA, aug 7 th 2013

The pleasure of a ride, like any journey, is to prepare it, then to live it, then to remember it.
Watching endlessly the pictures. Classifying them. Sharing them. Remembering the good and the not so good moments. Exchanging anecdotes and memories with other riders.
To help and enhance these good moments, here is a continuation of the portraits. And there will be more!

Here is Bruce, our Commander in Chief for this ride. He did a great job organizing the whole thing with Carol ( portrait next) and Jimmy. He provided his Pick up Car and the Baton Rouge cycling club trailer so welcome to SAG. I call him ” Brad” , in reference to Omar Bradley because he reminds me of the great American General in command of all ground forces in Normandy, who was at the same time a great organizer and a human, laid back man, unanimously appreciated by his troops. Just like Bruce!


Gaston is the bulwark of the French Lafayette riders, for whom he has been a staunch treasurer and organizer for many years. Stay away from him on the ride: he might suddenly stop without warning and jump off his bike to take a picture of a wild flower on the side of the road! So I gave him the nickname ” Capa” in reference to the famous photographer Robert Capa, who covered most events of his time including D-day.

John merits the Lafayette purple heart for his courage on a bike. Last year on the Loire valley ride in France he was hardly recovering from a hip injury, but managed to ride everyday. This year he was much stronger, never sagged and enjoyed his ride all along, despite a limited training. John is always caring , asking questions and modest, despite or because of his profession of gastroenterologist. John, I could not call you anything else than “purple heart” : the heart is obviously your field, professionnaly as a doctor as well as a so caring friend..

Michelle is John’s better half, and a good rider too. She laughs all the time with a deep, sound, generous laugh, and so you always know where she is. It’s always a pleasure to me hearing her laugh as well as her cute accent when she speaks in her excellent french. Therefore her nickname is “Hillary” in reference to a great woman who also has a wonderful generous laugh.


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