Portraits of Lafayette riders

CedarFalls, IA, aug 6 , 2013

Riding builds strong friendships. Riding opens your mind. Riding humbles you. Riding helps you accepting things , people and events as they come. Riding makes you see the half empty / half full glass always full. This is why I sketch after each ride short portraits of my fellow riders and give them a nice nickname. I am sure they do the same…
The Lafayette Hudson River Valley ride gave us ample opportunity to bond in the warmest and friendliest way: here are the portraits of some of us:

This is Jimmy, the router. I called him “Bugs Bunny” because he seemed to always have a hornet in the butt. He is young and has stamina. He rides his bike 10 000 miles a year. He argues all the time about everything, and I loved challenging him. We are not finished constructing and deconstructing the American Dream together, are we Jimmy?

Jerry tried the British colonial officer outfit as we were visiting Saratoga: this earned him his nickname: ” the Lobster”. Well, after all Jerry comes from Massachussets, where it all started in Concord and Lexington. He cannot deny his british roots, can he?

Alfred is an animal: he rode from Paris to Beijing five years ago at the age of 70. He is lean as a rake, and I call him ” Grasshoper” because of his super long legs and arms. He is fit and fast and many younger riders would not follow him!

This is Diana from San Francisco: if someone deserves the prize of courage, that would be her. It was her first long ride, but she did it with an unchallenged good humor and kindness to all. She is probably lighter than her carbon bike, despite or because of her diet made mainly of peanut butter sandwiches, which earned her the nickname ” peanut butter”

I cannot mention Daisy without her better half Chris, aka “Chocolate ” when riding in France, aka ” Brownie” ewhen in the US. Chris has a sweet tooth and it is such a pleasure to bribe him with the promise of a chocolate bar! In exchange he will accept not to make you feel ridiculously slow in the hills by passing you at the speed you ride downhill…

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One Response to Portraits of Lafayette riders

  1. Carole says:

    Love the nicknames. My girls assigned some nicknames on our early rides. The only one I can remember and still use is “Claude the Colonel”.

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