The bridges of Madison county

Jefferson, IA, aug 4 , 2013

We all remember the iconic movie ” the Bridges of Madison” starring Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood. This movie was shot in the region of Iowa where we are biking now and each farm we pass by looks like the one where Meryl Streep was living, each bridge we cross looks like the ones Clint Eastwood was photographing, each gravel road seems to lead to the farm where their wonderful love story took place, each small town we pass through looks like the one they would go ietshopping.
After the green pastures and the manucured lawns of New England followed by the hectic hustle and bustle of downtown Manhattan, Iowa presents a totally different , often despised by the east and west coast , but profoundly moving America: small town America, rural, quiet, uneventful, with infinitely straight roads and fields , where only rivers are curvy, with huge corn silos storing food for 300 million Americans.Surprisingly, Iowa offers a network of more than 600 miles of smooth bike trails! We ride peacefuly at a quiet pace of 15 miles an hour, passing every ten miles through a sleepy town of 200 inhabitants. Sometimes people say it must be boring to ride through those endless ” fly over” states. It is boring by car, it is not on the bike. On the bike we are never bored. Is a sailor in the middle of the ocean bored? No, he is were he belongs: on his boat and on the sea. On the road on our bikes, we are happy. Snug as a bug in a rug.

20130804-073009.jpg  20130804-073033.jpg

20130804-073110.jpg  20130804-073145.jpg

20130804-073221.jpg  20130804-073251.jpg

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  1. Brian Cox says:

    Wonderful post.


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