King´s valley

Hide Park, NY, july 27, 2013

Last year at the same time the Lafayette riders rode down the Loire Valley river , aka the King’s Valley. This year we are visiting the American Kings Valley, the Hudson river valley between Albany and New York, and specifically Hyde Park, where the Roosevelt and Vanderbildt had built their summer house or mansions. At a time- the end of the 19th century, called the gilded age-were huge fortunes were made in railroad, real estate, banking, and no corporate or income taxes would limit the profits, these families- Carnegie, Mellon, Rockefeller, Roosevelt, Astor and many others- created a new aristocraty of wealth living in a luxury that none of our modern billionnaires could afford. As an example, The Vanderbildt employed 65 full time employees in their estate of Hyde park, where they spent only two or three months a year.
Compared with that , the Roosevelt house is modest, but its historical interest is huge. The Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt library and museum in Hyde Park was set up after FDR decided having a library built to gather all his papers and memorabilia and open it to the public and researchers. FDŔ´s legacy is huge since he served three terms-12 years-in the most turbulent times, the Great Depression and WW2. His wife Eleanor was an outstanding personnality and left also hundreds of speeches, articles and books. The place of the Roosevelt era in the history of US compares only with the ones of Washington – the independence and the création of the new Republic- and Lincoln- the Civil War and the Abolition act. Therefore the air in Hyde Park is dense and loaded with History.
So many huge decision were taken here!

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