Robber Barons vs Moochers

Loheac, Tuesday July 2nd

Biking puts you in peace with yourself and with everyone: it is healthier than smoking pot, drinking alcohol, swallowing Prozac pills. And it clears up your ideas.
Today as I was riding across Brittany on my way back to Paris, I was thinking of the zillion discussions I had in my life about politics, and I realized people’s opinions are most of the time amazingly simple: either they lean to the right, and they accuse the “moochers” to be the cause of all evil, or they are left and they see “robber barons ” everywhere.
Between these two blocks, left and right,40 % each, , a small minority swings. They are the ones that make the election.
This basic analysis works in every democracy. Now, thousands of books and PhD thesis have been written by political scientists to explain how we build our political opinions. To no avail, as science is rational and politics is irrational .
As always in this blog, I try drawing a parallel between the bike and the world,
Bikes are roughly the same since the beginning : two wheels, a frame, a chain and pedals. They have improved throughout the years, but only marginally. Same in politics : two wheels ( left and right blocks) , a frame in the middle ( the Comstitution) pedals and a chain: the parties and the government. It works, like a bike, and it has only marginally improved in 200 years, like a bike.
And , like a bike, it is such a fragile balance!
We love our democracies , like we love our bikes, because as fragile as they are they keep us moving…

20130703-051901.jpg    20130703-051932.jpg

20130703-052005.jpg     20130703-052044.jpg

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