Velove Affair

Pont Aven , South Brittany, June 21st 2013

A love story, this is what biking is about. And I like when ad men build the whole communication of a bike business around love. This is what the French bike retailers “culture Velo” are now doing, and I reproduce here their ads, which I find wonderful . These guys know that their clients have a passion for their bikes and for kind of life style it represents: outdoor life, nature, travel, physical exertion, going beyond one’s limits, friendship, frugality …
Linking the bike with a love affair is as smart as L’Oreal linking is cosmetics with self esteem ( “because I am worth it”) or Renault it’s car with a way of life ( “cars to live with”) .
Like in love, when we bike all our senses and feelings are exacerbated. Is it the endorphins? Probably . Or the chocolate ? Maybe….whatever … Biking makes us better: nicer ( friendship goes with biking at least on tour biking) more tolerant, more humble ( we are so weak on the road), in peace.
Peace and Love? Better: Bike and Love!

20130621-192947                            20130621-192900.jpg


photo (2)                                               photo

photo (1)

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One Response to Velove Affair

  1. cyclophily says:

    Tu es donc arrive a les remettre d’aplomb ,congratulations!!!!!

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