Paris to Pont Aven

Paris, everybody knows, but Pont Aven is less known, except from those who have heard about the famous “gallettes de Pont Aven”, and about the impressionist painters who settled with Gauguin in this neck of the wood in the years 1860’s. Having a secondary house there, I ride my bike from Paris to Pont Aven since 10 years, as a sort of pilgrimage, most of the time alone.This time I was lucky enough to do it with Richard, a strong rider from our club, who could take 3 days off to do the 550 Kms or 330 miles. Richard and I got along wonderfully well during a ride which appeared to be optimal in terms of temperature, wind, surface, elevation. Actually never flat, the route through Ile de France, Perche, Mayenne and Brittany is an endless succession of up hills and down hills, which at the end of the day contributes efficiently to stiffening your legs. But this is what we like we crazy bikers. Attached are pictures representing what this ride was, like they are most of the time: beautiful back roads, great resting time in cafés, the butt of your fellow rider, places of historic interest… What else to be happy?

20130620-223733.jpg 20130620-223747.jpg

20130620-223812.jpg 20130620-223830.jpg

20130620-223854.jpg 20130620-223918.jpg

20130620-223932.jpg            20130620-224027.jpg

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