The stunning beauty of Tennis

1990 French Open

1990 French Open (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


French Open Roland Garros

English: Bethanie Mattek playing for the New Y...

English: Bethanie Mattek playing for the New York Sportimes during a World Team Tennis match in Mamaroneck, NY on July 10, 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)French Open, Roland Garros, May 30th 201

There could not be a worse day to go to the French Open than today: pouring rain half of the day, very few respites, dark and grey sky…. but still, I came out of the stadium totally elated, like  every year. Tennis is absolute beauty. There is everything in this sport: the physical fight, mixing explosivity  (serving at 200 km/h) and endurance (playing  4 hours non stop), the esthetic beauty of the body gestures ( backhand is the purest, most natural movement)  the mental strain ( self control and concentration are key), the team spirit (when playing doubles or in national teams), the crazy money (at least for the 100 best in the world), the fame and adoration of the fans…

Despite the rain, I could see a few hours of tennis playing at  world class level, and renew my enchantment for another year. I saw a match between an american female player I particularly like, Bethanie Mattek Sand, and the chinese champion Li Na, who won the tournament two years ago. The American won with an  incredible fighting spirit. Take a look at her pictures on her website: she looks at the ball with such intensity, she is so energetic, bouncy, ebullient! Bethanie displays  her ebullience by dressing off and on court in an original way (unlike the picture here), and posting on her website star pictures, which earned her to be dubbed “the lady Gagga of the court” by the american press.


Bethanie Mattek-Sands at the 2009 US Open