Bike… or Bike?

Pont Aven , Brittany, Sun may 19 th 2013

Every rider has enjoyed the pleasure of sitting in a car, after a long exhausting bike ride, and being hauled by a powerful engine that smoothly swallows the climbs while you relax in your seat.
Well, this is a part of the hedonist philosophy of the bike: you enjoy what life gives you. Being hauled by an engine is so common today that nobody looks jawdropped at a car. However, it is a fantastic invention that has revolutionized humanity. We bike riders tend to avoid them on the road, because they represent a possible threat. But we also are the ones who appreciate the work car’s engines do when we huff and puff in hills and see them glide effortlessly uphill as they pass us.
Well, each time I come back from a long ride, during the three or four days when I am just depleted and unable to lift a pencil, my immense pleasure is to sit in a car and let my body be carried by an engine, specifically uphill. It feels so good!
But the way to enjoy it even more is to sit on a two wheelers with an engine. Why? Because then I feel like I am still on my bike, but the work is done by the engine.
In Paris I ride a scooter: flexible, fast, easy to change lanes, zigzag through the cars and laugh at the morons stuck in traffic jams in their gas guzzlers. The scooter is efficient in town but does not provide very much pleasure to drive.
But in Brittany I ride the monster that gives me goosebumps: my big 100 HP Suzuky motorbike.
On that baby, I feel like riding a horse: it is powerful, whimsical, noisy, fast, and it swallows any hill effortless. It is a fat bike with fat tires and a fat engine that lifts my skinny carcass like a feather and it feels so good!
Love my bikes, with or without engine!

20130519-121042.jpg                            20130519-123021.jpg

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