Over there, 0ver there, send the word that the Yanks are coming!

Meuse Argonne Tuesday Mai 14th 2013

The last leg of our ride in France drove us through the epic American battlefields of WW1. I am going back to Paris and my 5 fellow riders will head towards Amsterdam where they will end their thousand mile ride from Barcelona to Amsterdam.
Today was entirely dedicated to the memories of WW1: every inch, every field, every wood, every village along the 130 Kms we rode today has been bombed, destroyed, eradicated, during the battles of WW1. Two gigantic armies were facing, dug in kilometers of trenches, and each attempt to gain ground would cost thousands and thousands of lives. A whole generation of young boys, those born between 1885 and 1900, was reaped like hay in a field. Americans entered the war in April 1917 and their massive input in terms of combatants and equipment made the difference. In a final battle in September October 1918 they broke the back of the Herman army around Montfaucon. An impressive cemetery in Romagne, as impeccably designed and kept up as the one in St Laurent/Omaha Beach, keeps the memory of the thousands of young Americans who fell here, so far from their home in a war which was not theirs. Let us honour them forever! Needless to say that the Lafayette riders are going to come back in 2017 /2018 for the 100th anniversary of the American intervention which proved to be so decisive and was considered as the payback of the French help to the insurgents in the independence war. ” Lafayette we are here ” said Pershing. Well the Lafayette riders on their steel and carbon horses continue to praise the friendship between our two countries.

20130514-184453.jpg    20130514-184502.jpg


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