Luzy, South Morvan, Friday 11 th Mai 2013.

Rotating is the basic principle of the wheel. It is the giroscopic force that makes us cyclist stay on two wheels and not fall.
Then why not apply it to our ride organisation?
First we rotate on the road when we ride in line and have to fight against the wind: each rider stays ahead pf the line for say a mile,the others being protected from the wind by his body breaking the wind, He does all the work opening the road and pushes hard on the pedals , the others behind having 20% less effort to make, and when he feels tired he strays to the left, slows down and places himself at the end of the line.His follower takes his place, does the hard job for another mile then slides behind leaving the lead to the third one and so on… We call it rotating and it is an efficient way to ride 20% faster as a group than alone.
On our ride we also rotate to pay the bills, whether in cafès and bars when we stop for a coffee or at dinner. It avoids a waste of time and petty calculations of paying Dutch. Of course rotating must be fair… One guy asked the other day , when do I know if it is my turn? Another answered: when you feel guilty.
You see how relax and friendly our organisation goes.
Rotation as a principle of organisation as well as a propulsion principle.
The only thing for which we don’t alternate , is the beauty of the road: this is a gift that each of us enjoys fully and all the time with endless pleasure!

20130511-114454.jpg          20130511-114513.jpg


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