Coffee and coffee and coffee

Avalon, sat may 11 th 2013

What are the two main sources of energy of bike riders ? EPO? No. Steroids ? No. The answer is coffee and chocolate bars. At least for us “normal ” unpretentious and uncompetitive riders.Our drugs better be harmless because we make a significant consumption of them, starting with coffee in the morning at breakfast and continuing every two hours give or take, with chocolate bars on the bike and blessed coffee stop in bars in small towns. How resourcing these coffee stops are! Only those who practice endurance sports can have an idea of the intense pleasure and fullfilment one can feel when replenishing a body avid of basic stuff like water, sugar and proteins, the three basic elements of life. This is a characteristic of the philosophy of biking : enjoy with gratitude basic needs of life. The Greek philosophers called it hedonism. Was’nt it Solon, living in a bare barrel, who when asked if he needed something , answered that the only thing he wanted was some sun to warm up his body?
Well, we bikers want coffee and chocolate. What else?

20130511-184413.jpg                          20130511-210839.jpg

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