The Beast

Wolves park of Gevaudan, Mai 8,2013

In the18 th century, wolves were roaming everywhere in Europe. The only limit to their development was their biological collective adaptation to the quantity of food they could find: wolves reproduce very warily, and if preys become scarce the alpha female delivers less pups. The alpha couple is the only one entitled by the strict hirarchical rules of the pack to reproduce, in order to regulate their population and avoid deadly fights for food and territory. Wolves are trotskyst leninists!
A very strange and frightening event happened in the region of Gevaudan in 1764, proving how human intelligence can destroy the wonderful balance of nature. A huge wolf terrorized the region during three years, attacking, mauling and devouring more than hundred young girls and boys. At the time children did not go to school and started working in the farm at 10 or 12, specifically as shepherds, watching the sheep herds grazing freely in the isolated mountains around the villages.
The “beast” as people soon called it, would attack at daylight, would not be scared by anyone and would escape all the attemps conducted by professionnal hunters to kill it. In other words the Beast could not be a wolf, because all its attitude was contrary to what wolves do: they don’ t eat human flesh, they fear humans, they attack easy preys to minimize their efforts. Wolves are the most sophisticated and smart wild animals but they remain animals. The beast could only be human, or led by human intelligence.
To make a long story short ( google it if you want to learn more) the beast almost certainly was a tamed enormous dog whose owner- a certain Jean Chastel- was a sadist taking his pleasure in seeing his beast kill and eviscerate young children.
The legend of the beast of the Gevaudan unfortunately contributed for more than two centuries into demonizing the wolf and depicting him as a serial killer. Today fortunately he is a protected specie and in all Europe as well as in the US wolves are progressively expanding, albeit very slowly as farmers still consider them as their worst enemy. Parks like the one in Marvejols efficiently contribute to educate people and show that wolves like every wild animals are extremely sophisticated creatures that need not be destroyed by human occupancy. Let us share nature!
And by the way let us also share the road, and when you pass a bike don’ t forget to leave at least one meter distance between your car and the bike!

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