French Grand Canyon

We French tend to be very proud of ourselves and of our country. At least it is our reputation and the postures of de Gaulle from 1940 until 1970 severely contributed to enhance this well established reputation. Therefore I could not do less than leading my 5 American riding companions through the famous “gorges du Tarn” and enjoy their awestruck faces during the 5 hours we spent riding the curvy road along the river Tarn surrounded by the 500 Meters high cliffs that the river carved in 50 million years. And show them that we Frenchmen also have our Grand Canyon…North of the Canyons we climbed 500 meters to reach the plateau also called “causses”, which allowed me to remind them that our nuclear rockets are buried there on the plateau d’albion, ready to wreak havoc on the country which would dare attack us! It all seems so useless today that the Cold War is over and the main threat is terrorism! Tomorrow morning we will revisit the legend of the “Beast of Gevaudan” which also wreaked havoc the region in the late 18th century. Stay tuned! It is frightening !

20130507-192332.jpg                                         20130507-192348.jpg


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