A 62 years old friendship

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Villefranche de Rouergue April 30th
Cycling is about friendship. Therefore what better moment to celebrate a 62 years old friendship than our current Aveyron ride with the Lafayette riders? My friend Bernard is riding with us, accompanied by his wife Charlotte who drives the car. Last night we celebrated his 65th birthday. Actually Bernard and I first met at the kindergarten in 1952. For ten years we were like brothers and did all possible silly things together. His parents used to take us with them on sundays to the woods outside of Paris in their beautiful car, a Simca Beaulieu. That must have been in 56 or 57, I don’t recall exactly, but I have a vivid memory of the car, because in those time a few years after WW2, such car which looked so American was rather rare and exclusive. To me, like to many boys of my generation, everything American was fascinating. The American Dream.
So I gave Bernard for his birthday a model of his father’s car, the great Simca with its sharp wings, its bicolor paint and its shinny chromes. Bernard’ father passed away ten years ago but his mother is alive and turned 102 years of age. She remembers well our rides to the forest and how we boys would spend hours in the car changing gears and touching all the buttons. Now Bernard and I are in the age to be grandfathers (he is) but somehow we are still the brats we were at the time.

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