North and South

We just started a new ride in the South of France in the department of Aveyron. Small group (10 people) of the Lafayette riders, the franco american friendship bike club. Usually south is synonym of heat and sun, which is why we chose this part of France in this early time in the season. But experience proves that when you bike, you’ better bring north and south in your mind, because weather never works as you wish. North and South. Yin an Yang. Good and bad.Rich and poor. Left and right.Happy and unhappy. These clean cut distinctions never work! Life is not that simple: it is always mixed, confused, blurry, complicated. Biking teaches you to take things as they come, starting with the weather. If you wait until the sun shines to saddle your bike, then chose another sport. But if you feel like enjoying every inch of the road whatever the conditions, you are good for biking: you are a real badass. Most of the bikers I ride with feel that way, and I love it! Never complain, never explain, just breathe the air, feel your body, enjoy the scenery, meet people, be thankful for what you have, be humble, be ready to help your next.That is the bike! Biking makes us better than we are. There is in this sport a huge sense of camaraderie, of solidarity. Of course this is not unique to biking: most sports enhance these qualities, to a point that they constitute the ethic code of the Olympic games. In the sports there is no North and South, no left and right, no dividing line. Let’s practice sports! Let’s bike!






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