Sam The Man

Sam picimage

Do you want to ride through beautiful France? Do you speak english but no french? Do you want to avoid the hassle of dragging your bike bag across the airports? Do you need a friendly, dedicated, expert english speaking service for your ride? Then meet Sam, the Man.

Sam Weaver is the man you need. He will provide you with a high end road bike. He will deliver it at your hotel . He will pick it up after your ride. If you are alone and stuck somewhere in the Alps with a broken chain, just call him, he will find a solution. Sam is a bike genius. He just knows everything about bikes.

I met Sam a year and a half ago at the Paris Bike show, and we hit it off well immediately. Since then we have done quite a few things together: he advised me in the conception of my long haul travel bike. and had it built by Cyfac in France: a silver jewel. As a lawyer I helped him setting up his bike rental, bike tour and bike fitting business. Any kind of problem I have with a bike, he comes up with a solution. Any legal advice he needs, he can rely on me.

Born in Ohio some 40 years ago, Sam has been in the bike business for twenty years, mainly in southern California. He met Mélanie, a french biology researcher, at Stanford , and love brought him to Paris where she does research at the Institut Pasteur.

He worked in a bike shop here for a few years while running his own business, Parisbike Co . Now totally on his own and devoted to his clients, he is a happy man with a wonderful family, enjoys life and the bike . Visit Sam’s web site: and if you want to ride in France, don’t hesitate to call him: he will greet you with a big smile. He is THE solution.

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