It’s not about my breakfast menu….

biker's favorite breakfast?

Nor the number of miles I rode today, nor the weather we had in the afternoon. Definitely not. Why ? because when I read blogs of travellers, or even worse Facebook postings, I get bored very rapidly when they tell me about such uninterestings things as: ” I started my ride at 8.OO am after having gulped down a beefy pancake with syrup and marmelade” “we had rain in the afternoon and then the sun came out of the shred of clouds” or “traffic was heavy when we left the town”. Who cares, my God, who cares? I always think that my readers are elsewhere, they have their own weather, they had their own breakfast menu, their own traffic jams, and they don’t give a shit to read about mine. What can interest the reader? Things that are not specific to me, but to them or of general interest.

So dear reader, don’t expect me to tell you in this blog that I had a headache and I took Advil, or that I had a flat after 40 kms and I fixed it and got started again . Expect to hear about the flat if and only if it makes a good story- like my flat was fixed by a cow grazing in the next field- or I had a headache and I took Advil and I was stoned – That would be a story because it is not banal. Basic journalism: have stories, funny, catching stories. Or make observations that are of general interest. But please oh please don’t talk about your breakfast menu and don’t post pictures of you with glasses and a helmet. This is too hackneyed, trite, banal , dull, boring. Leave that to Facebook with it’s teenagers babbling and corny pictures. We will try here to be a tiny bit more original and deep and witty. But of course dear reader, don’t hesitate to tear me apart if that is not the case! I like sharp criticism, that’s how we improv. Bring it on!

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