Riding in Brittany

backroad in Brittany

Spring is probably the most beautiful time of the year to practice outdoor activities: days are long, temperature are pleasant, neither too hot nor too cold, and nature is bursting out in an explosion of life. Definitely the best time to hop on the bike and fill your lungs with fresh air after a long winter without sun. Brittany is my favorite place in the world and every year this is where I have my spring rendez vous with mother nature in her new virginal clothes. Biking here is very popular, and on the backroads of internal Brittany (Argoat as they call it , as opposed to Arcoat the coastal line) you will see many lonesome riders, bent on their machines, struggling against wind and hills. There is no doubt that the “bretons” have had a love affair with the bike since ever, and many known and unknow competitors in the professionnal teams come from Brittany: Robic, Bobet, Hinault to name but a few famous ones. This can be explained by the temperament of the Bretons: they are tough, hard people, like the granit of their region. It is a peasant population, used to a harsh climate, to physical strain, since man always had to fight to make a living and grow something from a poor soil. They are obstinate in the effort, silent, proud, independant. Lots of these qualities are useful on long lonely bike rides. The region is windy, rainy and hilly, exactly what you need to train your body. Bretons do not need a beautiful sunny day to take their bike: they take it whatever the weather, because weather here is changing and unpredictable. Bretons are the best bikers and the best sailors in the world, because they are used to fight in harsh conditions against a hostile nature.

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