Tour de France photo exhibition in Paris


The best of the art exhibitions is currently displayed on the fence of the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris: that’s to say the best for us bikers! why? because it is about the Tour de France, which for most bikers is the absolute race, the most beautiful and grueling physical endeavor on the one hand, across the most scenic and diverse backroads of the world on the other hand. Add the fact that it is EXTREMELY difficult to make good pictures of zipping bikes , and God knows how exceptionnal most of the pictures of the exhibition are; last but not least the pictures cover a period starting in 1920 until 2010, therefore showing the old times of “the forçats de la route”, to quote their own expression, until the highly sophisticated EPO drugged and blood transfered competitors of the modern times.

The exhibition is outdoor, on the street, therefore open day and night and free for all. Great! This is for us! Because we bikers are huge lovers of freedom, and we want as little constraints as possible, just the resistance of the hills and the wind.

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One Response to Tour de France photo exhibition in Paris

  1. Norma says:

    Truer words were never spoken. I find it interesting that as a cyclist one may groan with determination in the midst of a strong head wind yet yearn for the inspirational freedom it brings. Tailwinds , they are another level of inspiration that verges on illusion when it comes to power. They both bring smiles at the end of the ride.

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